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Kindergarten Kits 


Each Spring, we mail out Kindergarten Kits to children who are eligible to start Kindergarten in the fall of the same year. They feature an Educator's Guide, IEP Planning Info, Latex Allergy Information, and storybooks that can be used at school to introduce children to characters that may be a little different than them but at the same time very similar. Some of the books include Zoom by  Canadian Author Robert Munsch, Special People Special Ways, Blueberry Lu, Some Kids use Wheelchairs, Some Kids wear Leg Braces, Accept and Value Each Person, Daniel's New Friend, A Rainbow of Friends and Heartprints.

Christmas Tree
Having Hydrocephalus

We have just received some copies of "It's Okay to Ask" Written by the experts at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and illustrated by Nancy Carlson.

 Have you ever been curious about someone who is different from you ? It's Okay to Ask! introduces five children who have disabilities or complex medical conditions. They love to read, play, tell jokes and make friends. As you get to know the characters in the book and learn that it's okay to ask questions, you will discover that everyone is more alike than you might think and that people of all abilities can be friends.


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